Prayer Ministry: A Quick Guide


If you have recently turned to religion then you must have heard the term prayer said often. Well, basically, this is the communication between man and God. Prayer is something that needs to be understood and hence the need to have a prayer network. Something that will not only help you out in prayer, by supporting you, but also something that will teach you everything that you need to know about God. However, there are so many challenges facing the Christian community nowadays. In fact, it is becoming quite impossible to distinguish someone who is saved or a network that has saved people that which has “wolves in sheep form.” Here are some of the things you need to look at:

Different prayer networks have different diverse ways of gathering and interacting with each other. However, there’s an underlying factor and that is honesty. You have to be honest with your flock and for a believer finding the prayer network that you will benefit from is pretty simple. To start with, you have to ensure that the prayer network doesn’t break your bank. Remember that this is not tithe or offerings and thus should not cost a fortune. Read more great facts on Intercessory prayer healing teams, click here.

People who Love God
Finding people who love God is the next step. As a young believer it is easy to know if one loves the Lord or not. People who are committed to God will be seen praying and organizing prayer network meetings at almost no cost and this is all for the name of Jesus. Therefore, this is one important factor that you have to look for in any prayer ministry. Remember that goal of every prayer ministry is to pray and not raise money or distort people. For more useful reference regarding intercessory prayer network, have a peek here.

Gather Often
Prayer network meetings that gather often are highly appreciated and most of such are very amazing places for people who are young believers. Keep in mind that the prayer network meetings are supposed to facilitated growth and prayer. Therefore, be on the lookout for prayer networks that want to pray on poor believers.

Have Substance
Have you ever gone to a class and heard you prof speak and definitely know he doesn’t have a clue of what he is saying? Well, this is pretty much what happens in church. If you meet with someone who has no idea of what they are preaching in a prayer network meeting and furthermore he/she is the leader then that is an indication th you have to exit that place. Please view this site  for further details.


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